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Invasive Plant Management Contractors

In British Columbia, it is the responsibility of land managers to manage noxious plants on their property - either by managing the plants themselves, or hiring a certified contractor.

Individuals who wish to apply pesticides for the control of noxious weeds, including on private landscapes, are required to have a Pesticide Applicator Certificate within the Industrial Vegetation Management & Noxious Weed category. Please see "BC Pesticide Certification & Training" for more information.

For private land owners who do not wish to control the invasive plants themselves, or for invasive plants that are difficult to manage (ie. Knotweed), there are local Invasive Plant Management Contractors that can be hired by private land owners (by alphabetical order):


Fraser Valley

Drinkwater Environmental Services, 604-302-2317, 

Morrow Bioscience, 604-317-1413,

Seven Generations Environmental Services, 604-820-5950,

Weed Man Chilliwack, 604-795-4600,

Western Weed Control, 604-462-0637,


Metro Vancouver

Diamond Head Consulting, 604-733-4886,

Green Admiral Nature Restoration, 604-317-8903,


Companies based in BC that will operate in the Lower Mainland

Spectrum Resource Group, 250-564-0383, (Prince George)


(Note that this list does not imply promotion or endorsements of these companies or their work. If you are an invasive plant management company that has the required certification for noxious weed management and would like addition to this list, please contact