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Invasives in the Valley

January 2022

  • "Parks licence plates drive improvements for BC Parks" BC Gov News
    At Cultus Lake Provincial Park, BC Parks has partnered with the Fraser Valley Invasive Species Society to control invasive plants and work toward restoring an important conservation area for the Oregon forestsnail, which has a significant impact on the overall health of the forest ecosystem. The Maple Bay camping and day-use area in the park provides valuable habitat for the threatened species, but invasive plants and past recreational activities are affecting that habitat. To restore the area as prime snail habitat, the society plans to remove infestations of invasive plants, replant native species, including stinging nettle, and place woody debris where snails can seek refuge and sleep. Volunteers from the local community have also helped remove invasive plants.

    “The Fraser Valley is one of the last remaining areas where Oregon forestsnails exist. Unfortunately, over the years Maple Bay has been a site where garden-waste dumping and recreational activities have negatively impacted the forest understory,” said Kathy Ma Green, executive director, Fraser Valley Invasive Species Society. “The Fraser Valley Invasive Species Society is grateful for funding from the licence plate program, which will help remove the invasive plants and restore this important space for the snails.”

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