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Yellow lamium/Yellow archangel

Yellow lamium/Yellow archangel

Yellow lamium/Yellow archangel

(Lamiastrum galeobdolon)

Priority: -  Contain



Trailing, evergreen perennial groundcover with square, hairy stems. Very aggressive.

Leaves are opposite, serrated and oval- to heart-shaped; 2.5-8 cm long. Leaf undersides are often lighter green or sometimes purple. Upper sides are variegated (i.e., have a silver or white pattern).

Flowers are bright yellow, small and tubular. Flowers grow in pairs of clusters close to the stems between leaves on 0.5 m long stems. Flowering occurs between April and June.


Primarily vegetatively but lamium produces hundreds of seeds that are dispersed by ants which can transport them up to 70 meters.

Habitat & Ecology

Adapted to growing in shaded and open areas but does best in moist, shaded sites and often grows in natural forested areas adjacent to urban and residential neighbourhoods.


Common species in hanging baskets which if dumped in greenspaces can form dense mats on the forest floor smothering native forest herbs and shrubs.



Lamium can be hand-pulled quite easily as it is shallow rooting. Make sure to replant the area with native shrubs to provide competition and follow-up for several seasons. Plants should be bagged and disposed of at a landfill, not composted.

Sheet mulching is also effective - instructions can be found here.


Download the Invasive Species Council of BC's TIPS Fact Sheet on Yellow lamium here.