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Bindweed (Morning Glory)

Bindweed (Morning Glory)

Bindweed (Morning Glory)

(Convolvulus arvensis)

Priority: -  Control

Tags: Terrestrial



Perennial vine weed plant with white or pink trumpet-shaped shaped flowers. This plant has a leaf length of 2-5cm and have alternating arrowhead or triangular shaped leaves.


Seeds can be spread by water, birds, or even by us! Seeds can remain dormant up to 60 years. New shoot growth occurs vegetative buds, roots can be spread by tillage and develop new bindweed.

Habitat & Ecology

It is a highly adaptive plant and incredibly resilient against drought. Can be found anywhere.


Field Bindweed are known to be the most stubborn weed species, ranking top ten of the world. They can hinder native species growth by choking them out, competing nutrients, and creating shade.


Mechanical Control: Controlling bindweed is known to be nearly impossible, as their roots can develop a root system that is 5 to 10m deep and 3 m in diameter. Removing them physically requires dedication and a regular schedule.